Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Honduran “Coup”: Obama Sides with Chavez and Castro:

The military intervention in Honduras last Sunday was democratic. The military expelled President Manuel Zelaya on orders from the Supreme Court and a unanimous Congress. The military then immediately returned executive power to Roberto Micheletti, the then president of the Honduran Congress and member of the same party as Zelaya. Both the judiciary and legislature remain intact.

The military intervention was precipitated by Zelaya’s refusal to halt a referendum on constitutional change, an act that had not been countenanced by Congress and was declared illegal by the courts. When the military refused to help Zelaya strong arm the referendum he sacked the joint-chiefs-of-staff chairman, General Romeo Vasquez, and resolved to ride a wave of popular enthusiasm to the polls (or so he thought).

In sum, the military, obeying a judicial order, averted a serious crisis by removing Zelaya from power because he was unconstitutionally overriding legislation passed by Congress, ignoring Supreme Court rulings and illegally dismissing the head of the armed forces.

These facts are being ignored by the Obama administration.
Like Jimmy Carter, Obama seems never to have met a dictator he couldn't like. It shames me to see my government act like this.

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